The Coronation of King Charles III
New Discoveries - De Wolfe Music
Kaleidoscope - De Wolfe Music
Power and Impact - De Wolfe Music
Around Me - De Wolfe Music
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Organic StringsDWCD 0794
Uplifting orchestral themes for documentaries
Power and ImpactDWCD 0791
Hard-hitting and dramatic action
New DiscoveriesDWCD 0789
Science, nature, space and achievement
Documentary Moods 2DWCD 0790
Themes and moods for documentaries
True Crime StoriesRMCD 2100
Tension and suspense moods and soundscapes
In StyleDWCD 0792
Funky disco-driven beats with style
Curiosity & IntrigueDWCD 0784
Light-hearted music for intriguing and humorous scenes
Minimal ElementsDWCD 0786
Creative and minimal documentary music
Future ConceptsDWCD 0787
Creation, innovation and design
Info BedsDWCD 0780
Electronic moods and soundscapes for news and info
Rodney Hazard: NightvisionBITE 011
Relaxed, moody and euphoric vocal tracks and beats
Cocktail Bar Piano 2DWJAZZ 14
More smooth and sophisticated piano jazz
Neutral Beds 3DWCD 0793
News and information beds and backgrounds
Lo-fi BeatsDWCD 0788
Chilled grooves and atmospheric beats
Light and Minimal MomentsDWCD 0776
Strings, piano and tuned percussion moods

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